New Neighbor F.A.Q.

Here are answers to questions new neighbors often ask. We hope they’ll help your move to this neighborhood go more smoothly.

What should I know about the Westminster Playground?

Between 1996 and 2001, WNA planned, found funding for, and oversaw the renovation of the Westminster Playground. WNA volunteers maintain the playground without assistance from any government agency. The playground is open from 6 AM to 10 PM. If you want to help, contact the DC Department of Parks and Recreation.

My Memories of the Westminster Playground Renovation by Chuck Baxter details the creation of the Westminster Playground.

Do I need to pick up after my dog?

When you walk your dog in the neighborhood, please pick up after it. There’s a receptacle outside the front gate to the playground where you can deposit you dog’s waste.  Animals are not permitted in the Westminster Playground unless they are service animals.

How do I contact the police?

Call 911 for emergencies. Call 311 for non-emergencies.

Who do I call in case of a fire?

Call 911 in case of a fire or medical emergency.

When should I put my garbage and recycle bin out for collection?

  • TRASH —Garbage collection days are Tuesday and Friday mornings. You should put your trash out in a your Green bin. Trash bags should always be used in your Green bin. Do not put anything in your Green bin unless it is in a trash bag.  If your Green bin is full, don’t place any trash bags out on the ground, instead place trash bags on top of the Green bin.  The trash collectors may not take it on the ground and it will attract rats if there is food present. Your Green bin should be placed in the alley on Monday evening after 7pm and on Thursday evening after 7pm.  They should be taken back on to your property no later than Tuesday evening and Friday evening. For more information visit the DPW Residential Trash Collection webpage
  • RECYCLING — Your recyclable material is collected on Tuesday mornings. You should put your Blue recycling bin out Monday evenings after 7pm and take it back on to your property by Tuesday evening.  Cardboard should be cut into pieces small enough to fit into the Blue recycle bin. For more information about what you can and cannot recycle, please visit the DPW Residential Recycling webpage
  • If you need a garbage can or recycle bin, call 311 and request one.
  • Schedule pick up of bulk items that won’t fit in your garbage can (such as furniture and appliances) by calling 311.

Who should I call if I need help with or have a complaint about city services?

If you need help with or want to complain about city services, call the Citywide Call Center at 311. They will take a complaint and/or refer you to the correct city agency. Be sure to ask for a complaint number so you can follow up later.

What permits do I need if I replace windows or remodel the outside of my house?

Since we’re located in an historic district, any replacement of windows, or other exterior renovations to your house must be approved by the Historic Preservation Office, DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

We welcome you to the neighborhood and are confident you’ll find it to be an enjoyable and warm community. We hope you’ll take time to join the Westminster Neighborhood Association and help maintain our community so that it can remain the pleasant and safe place that only neighbors working together can provide.