WNA June 2015 Newsletter

Hospitality Charter School Site – Some WNA members, as well as other stakeholders in our community (ANC, etc.) have been working with Hollow Creek Investment Group, the entity who is attempting to convert this building to condos. We’re pleased to report some progress to date. They have agreed reduced the number of condos, agreed to include both two and three unit condos, to arrange for trash removal from the rear of the building, and to rent (more than the required number of parking spaces) for a two year period from a lot located on 7th Street. The owners will also not change the existing exterior. There will be a Zoning Commission hearing on July 28. The owners hope to start construction this Fall. Our WNA members are still negotiating with them. Stay tuned.

Movie in the Playground –We will be doing another movie in the Playground this Sat. evening (06/27) if the weather holds out. We will be showing Night at the Museum (no drinks or popcorn this time). Let Lynn Johnson (see WNA Contacts in footer) if you can assist by picking up the projector, speakers, etc. or, better yet, running the equipment).

Block Party Planning – We hope to have a block party in this Fall. Member Adrien-Alice Hansel has agreed to spearhead the planning. “Spearhead” means ‘manage, coordinate, & take responsibility.” He needs other volunteers to assist with all the preparation work. Please contact him directly at ahansel@studiotheatre.org to help make this a success.

Alley Bricks (finally) Repaired – They said it couldn’t be done—but we knew better as we had been able to get them repaired a few years ago (admittedly a shoddy job as it only lasted a year). However, the missing bricks in the alleys on Westminster St. have been repaired again. It took (only) 9 months of waiting and begging. Thanks to our Councilmember, Brianna Nadeau’s Office, or it would have been much longer than that. Note: word has it that Westminster Street may be on the City’s schedule for a facelift soon.

Community Maint./Improvement – We need a few of you to come forward to keep our neighborhood looking great. Members are needed for the balance of the year for:

  • Picking up trash from sidewalks, streets & alleys on the west half of T St.
  • Spraying sidewalks & alleys for weeds on the south side of T St.

Remember, if we all don’t contribute, these items simply won’t get done.

Playground Children’s Parties – Yes, we do have a lot of them don’t we. Every week-end, sometimes two at a time. Well, it finally dawned on us that we’re the cheapest place in town to hold such parties. WNA members need not pay to hold a party (but we gladly accept contributions). However, for any nonmember (which usually means they do not live in our area), WNA will be asking for a charitable donation to schedule a party: $50 for up to 25 children, $75 if more than 25 children, and $20 additional if they want to set up an inflatable bouncing unit. It takes us all a lot of time to keep and maintain the Playground in its great condition and these funds will help us keep it that way.

Membership – As you know, your dues are $15/calendar year per household ($5 if senior status) plus 1 hour/month doing volunteer work. A WNA lifetime membership is $100 (that’s right, you only pay once—good for as long as you own or live in the area. [It does not waive your 1 hour/month requirement to do volunteer work.])  Regardless of which option you choose, you can either mail or just drop your check off to 914 Westminster (payable to “WNA”). Your dues are tax deductible as a charitable contribution so it’s a win-win for all of us.

Next Monthly Meeting – You know the drill. It’ll be the 4th Tues. of the month, July 28, at 7:00 pm sharp. It will be held in the Westminster Playground if the weather is good; otherwise, at 922 Westminster Street, NW (basement).

WNA June 2015 Monthly Meeting Agenda

Westminster Neighborhood Association

Notice of Monthly Meeting Agenda

For June 23, 2015 (Tues.)

(To be held in the Westminster Playground if weather permits;

otherwise at 922 Westminster (basement)]

Starting sharply at 7:00 p.m.

Come meet your neighbors and get involved in the shaping of your neighborhood during 2015. The scheduled items include:

—  No speaker this evening – Let’s get down to internal business.

— Hospitality Charter School Site  – Update from our WNA Committee as to what initial development plans are for this site.

—  Movie in the Playground – We will show another movie on Sat., 6/27 (Night at the Museum or Transformers?). We need volunteers to coordinate this and help determine if we will be showing other movies this Summer .

— Block Party This Year? – We had discussed having our block party in the Fall when it is a bit cooler (Sept.). If so, we need some volunteers to put this together. Although our previous coordinator, Lauren Aitkin, has moved she is happy to assist.

— Playground Birthday Parties – We’re getting so many parties, even  families living a distance away (we’re the cheapest Playground in town). Do we start charging a voluntary donation ($25?, $50?).

— Treasurer’s Report – How many paid members to we have? Do we have enough funds to paint the Playground fence or can someone work on getting our promised grant?

— WNA Website –We need someone to assist this Committee to carry on in getting the WNA website up and running. Esp. if we’re going to keep showing movies in the Playground.