WNA June 2015 Monthly Meeting Agenda

Westminster Neighborhood Association

Notice of Monthly Meeting Agenda

For June 23, 2015 (Tues.)

(To be held in the Westminster Playground if weather permits;

otherwise at 922 Westminster (basement)]

Starting sharply at 7:00 p.m.

Come meet your neighbors and get involved in the shaping of your neighborhood during 2015. The scheduled items include:

—  No speaker this evening – Let’s get down to internal business.

— Hospitality Charter School Site  – Update from our WNA Committee as to what initial development plans are for this site.

—  Movie in the Playground – We will show another movie on Sat., 6/27 (Night at the Museum or Transformers?). We need volunteers to coordinate this and help determine if we will be showing other movies this Summer .

— Block Party This Year? – We had discussed having our block party in the Fall when it is a bit cooler (Sept.). If so, we need some volunteers to put this together. Although our previous coordinator, Lauren Aitkin, has moved she is happy to assist.

— Playground Birthday Parties – We’re getting so many parties, even  families living a distance away (we’re the cheapest Playground in town). Do we start charging a voluntary donation ($25?, $50?).

— Treasurer’s Report – How many paid members to we have? Do we have enough funds to paint the Playground fence or can someone work on getting our promised grant?

— WNA Website –We need someone to assist this Committee to carry on in getting the WNA website up and running. Esp. if we’re going to keep showing movies in the Playground.