Semi-Annual Fall 2016 Clean-up Announced

At our September WNA meeting we chose Oct. 29 for our neighborhood Fall Clean-up.  We start at 9 am and go to 12 noon or whenever we finish the work. We will have a dumpster. We will have a pick-up for hazardous waste. Speaking of which, do any of you have a pickup we could borrow?  Mark your calendars now.

We also want to repair some of the bricks surrounding the tree boxes and (some) of the loose bricks on our sidewalks. That is, if we get enough volunteers.  Don’t worry about lack of experience–we’re good at training new recruits (we have some Marine members). If you can help, let us know (  We also need volunteers to pack the dumpster and the hazardous waste site. It all won’t happen unless you volunteer.