Children’s Parties

The WNA Playground is a popular and inexpensive spot to host a child’s party.


We do not give exclusive use of this site for parties, so other users of the Playground will also be there during your allotted time. To schedule a party on the Playground Calendar, email WNA Pres. Lynn Johnson, or call him at (h)(202) 232-7751 or (w)(202) 371-0962 or (c)(202)210-2276 to verify and calendar the date. If you get rained out, you may reschedule for another date free of charge. We permit up to two parties at the same time.


WNA members need not pay to hold a party (but we gladly accept contributions). WNA asks for a charitable donation to schedule a party from all non-members. It takes us all a lot of time to keep and maintain the Playground in its great condition and these funds will help us keep it that way.

  • $50 for up to 25 children
  • $75 if more than 25 children
  • $20 if you are going to set up an inflatable bouncing unit
  • Make checks payable to WNA
  • Mail or drop off to to Lynn Johnson at 922 Westminster St. NW, Washington, DC 20001 on the day of the event

Payment can be by:

Paypal –

Venmo – can send to or @wnadues or my cell phone, 202.210.2276.

(Google’s) CashApp – can send to (use the $cashtag name of “wnafunds”).

Or, just bring a check on the day of the event and drop in the mailbox in the door at 922 Westminster St. NW.

Clean Up

You are responsible for cleaning up after your party. Please put all trash in the trash cans and bring two new trash bags (20 or 30 gal.) to replace the trash bags in the Playground . You can place the full trash bags in the trash cans in the alley immediately to the east of the Playground.

If you bring any helium-filled balloons, please arrange it so that the children do not release them in the Playground as they will get caught in the trees above the Playground, making a visual sight mess.