WNA Task List

The task list for the WNA is at the link below.  If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please contact us.

WNA Task How Often (Frequency) Volunteer for 2021 Volunteer for 2020
Empty trash cans/doggie bag can Week days Marjorie Perko Alex Nusraty
Empty trash cans/doggie bag can Wk-ends/Holidays Jeff Sank
Lock Playground – week-days Daily (M-F) Frank Chauvin James Estes
Unlock Playground – week-days Daily (M-F) James Estes Brendan Icso
Lock Playground – week-ends/holidays 2-3 x/week Lynn Johnson Jeff Sank
Unlock Playground – week-ends/holiday Sat/Sun. Shawna Kelly/Matt Anderson Chuck Baxter
Check/adjust water aeration & water feature Every 2 weeks in Summer Lynn Johnson Lynn Johnson
Playground equipment-gen. checking/repair Every 2 months Lynn Johnson Lynn Johnson
Remove broken/extra toys as needed Every month Michael Merenstein Donya, Saskia, Megan, Rebecca
Pick up litter in Playground Once/week M.Merenstein; Ben & Saskia Saskia & Ben Loewy
Sweep/blow chips off Playground cement, etc. 1 x/wk or as needed James Miller
Wipe down benches & remove spots 2x/mo. or after each rain James Miller/Megan Olsen
Pull weeds in Playground perimeter planters Once/month Marjorie Perko Margie Perko, Beth Pearce, Steve Long
Spray Playground for mosquitoes Every 3 wks. in Summer Chris Shriever Chris Schriever
Monitor/reset timers for Playground lights Once/month George Smith/Lynn Johnson
Turn water on/off & remove spray heads Twice/yr. Lynn Johnson Lynn Johnson
Drain Playground water lines for winter Once a year Lynn Johnson Lynn Johnson
Pick up trash from sidewalks, streets & alleys: [Adopt-A-Street Program]
     S Street – north side, 900 & 1000 blocks Weekly Ricardo Jimenez Andrew Becnel & Julie
     9th Street – west side, from S to T Weekly Frank Chauvin Frank Chauvin
    Common area to alley from 930-34 9th St. & alley 2x/wk. Frank Chauvin Frank Chauvin
    10th Street  both sides, from S to T, & alley to Vt. Weekly Benjamin Loewy <bdloewy@gmail.com> Gennet Purcell
     Westminster – east half (both sides) Weekly Dan Freeman Dan Freeman
     Westminster – west half (both sides) Weekly Le Nguyen Nikolas Schiller /David Levine
     Alley between S St. & Westminster St. Weekly Le Nguyen
     Alley running from S St to T St. Weekly
     T Street – east half (both sides) Weekly Molly Dawson
     T Street – west half (both sides)& alley to 9 ½ St. Weekly emailed 1/9 Jesse Epstein
     Alley between T St. & Westminster St. Weekly Sandrea Ballestero
     9 1/2 St & alley between T St. & 9 1/2 St. Weekly Jim & Maura Moore
     Vt. Ave, 1800 block (southeast side) Weekly Tom Pulham Jeff Sank
     Vt. Ave, 1900 block (southeast side) Weekly Tania,  Cedrick, Jeff, & Abraham
Spray sidewalks & alleys for weeds:
    S St.-north side  (9th & 10th) 4 times in Spring/Summer Randy Rosenfeld/Debby
    Westminster St.-south side  & alleys 4 times in Spring/Summer Paul O’Neil Christian Monaghan
    Westminster St.-north side  & alleys 4 times in Spring/Summer Paul O’Neil Paul O’Neil
     T St.-south side 4 times in Spring/Summer Tom Orpheus Justin Campbell
     T St.-north side & alley 4 times in Spring/Summer Jen/Mike Dabbs
Fertilize young trees Once a year James Miller Kerry Myer
Trash cans – put house #’s on new cans Every 2 months James Miller Donya/Igor Timofeyev
Talk to specific neighbors about trash viol., etc As needed Lynn Johnson Lynn Johnson
Replace missing bricks in sidewalks/treeboxes As needed
Keep storm drains free of debris:
    9th & S St.; 9th & Westminster; 9th & T Every 2 months Carter & Will Denny Carter & Will Denny
    10th & S; 10th & Westminster; 10th & T Every 2 months Saumil Shah Saumil Shah
Report dead trees to City/order new trees 1x/mo. or as needed Sandrea Ballestero Sandrea Ballestero
Weed untended sidewalk tree boxes:
    9th St. (from S St. to T St.) (west side) 1 x/month Rebecca Oser/Ron Brown
    S St. (north side), 9th (west side) & 10th St. 1 x/month Randy Andrew Weinstein
    Westminster, south side 1 x/month
    Westminster, north side 1 x/month Rebecca Ballhaus
    9th St. (from S St. to T St.) (west side) 1 x/month Beth Pearce
    T Street, south side 1 x/month Stephanie Pappas
WNA Internet website-keep it updated 1 x/month Matthew Anderson Matt Anderson; Christian Monaghan
Shovel snow from untended sidewalks As needed
Spring & Fall Clean-up Twice a year [Everyone] [Everyone]